water heater noise

Water Heater Noise: What YOU Need to Know

Is your water heater making noise? Then you’ve come to the right place. An annoyance and a sign of possible damage, water heater noise demands your attention. Since Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are your local water … [Read more...]

home water leak

7 Common Home Water Leaks

You're sitting in your living room reading a book, or playing solitaire on your tablet, all of a sudden you notice a stain on a ceiling — that's new...and frightening. You know that the simple discolored spot means … [Read more...]

reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter: Six Unbeatable Benefits

You need to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. You don’t want a soda or a Gatorade—you want a cool, refreshing sip of water. Do you grab a bottle of water? Or would you rather the simplicity of pouring a healthy, … [Read more...]

clean toilet plunger

Clean Your Toilet Plunger: a How to Guide

Wondering how to clean your toilet plunger? Good question. Your toilet plunger does a dirty job — wanting to clean it is only natural. You keep the rest of your bathroom clean and healthy, so why does your toilet … [Read more...]

blocked sewer line

Sewer Line Camera Inspection: 4 Benefits

Sewer line blockages are some of the messiest, most costly plumbing disasters possible. Issues of this magnitude call for a unique high-tech solution. That’s why Benjamin Franklin plumbers use a sewer line camera to … [Read more...]

blocked sewer line pipes

Blocked Sewer Line, A Home Owner Horror Story

Some of the scariest stories are the ones in which people are innocently going about their day only to have a scary monster creep up behind them. What if this monster lived in your house and you’ve been feeding him for … [Read more...]

hard water stains

Clean Hard Water Stains with Household Items

Have hard water? Then, you probably see hard water stains like this every day. When the hard water evaporates, the water goes away but those “hard” minerals stick around. That’s why your shower and sink are the most … [Read more...]


Clogged toilet or clogged pipes?

We’ve all been here before: You flush the toilet, but somethings wrong. The water level rises. A mass of paper and a nasty mess is caught in the drain. Even further the water rises like a flood, nearing the seat, … [Read more...]

Replacing a failed sump pump

Sump Pumps to Keep You Dry

Right now, think about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING of value in your basement. Now imagine if it was all underwater. Electronics would short out, mold would grow, and you’d be miserable. This isn’t just a hypothetical … [Read more...]

Use our hard water test

DIY Hard Water Test

Water is a main ingredient in your daily life. From the water you drink, to the water you shower in, to the water that washes your clothes and dishes. You rely on that water to be good for you — and your home. However, … [Read more...]