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Repiping Services – Cape May, New Jersey

Water tight and safe plumbing is critically important to the integrity and well-being of your home’s structure. While many homeowners know that almost every aspect of the house will eventually need replacement or repair, it is not hard to ignore plumbing. Plumbing just works and is out of sight and out of mind.

Usually cosmetic repairs, roofs, floors, decks, stairs, and HVAC systems are what homeowners think of first for replacement and repair. Hidden and invisible systems like plumbing and electric are easy to forget about until there is a major problem.

How do you know if your home’s pipes and plumbing systems are safe and sound or if you have a plumbing problem? If you have pinhole leaks, weak water pressure, or discolored water. If you do not have these problems but your home’s plumbing is more than 40 years old or made out of Galvanized pipes or Polybutylene pipes, you should call a plumber. Even high-quality copper pipes typically need to be replaced after 50 years. It still might be time to repipe.

Galvanized and polybutylene pipes are not compliant with current, modern plumbing codes. Benjamin Franklin Cape May, New Jersey offers expert repiping services using high-quality plumbing materials including copper, PEX, PVC, and CPVC. Our plumbers perform the repiping services Cape May, New Jersey homeowners depend on for functional, trouble free pipes.

What is the Danger of Old Pipes?

Fix your home’s plumbing sooner rather than later to avoid costly repairs from leaking or burst pipes. No homeowner wants to deal with water or mold damage.

Advanced Technology: Nu Flow Trenchless Sewer Repair

If it is your house’s sewer line that needs to be replaced, don’t despair thinking you have to rip up your driveway and or carefully tended to landscape to dig out and install a new sewer line. Benjamin Franklin installs the Nu Flow trenchless sewer line replacement system. This system to eliminated tree root intrusion and gives your property a new sewer line without digging or damage to your landscaping. The Nu Flow method is guaranteed to last for 50 years to set you mind at ease.

Benjamin Franklin Repiping’s Excellent Service Guarantees

Partially repiping or completely repiping your home is an important job. Don’t just choose anyone. You can feel confident in your choice of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing because of our guarantees:

  • Dependable and Honest Pricing: Our plumbers will give you an accurate written estimate for your unique repiping job.
  • Quality Work That Lasts Decades: Your home’s plumbing system needs to last trouble free for years to come! Our expert plumbers use the highest quality materials and will perform your repiping job to the highest standards by all applicable building codes and industry best practices.
  • Friendly and Tidy Customer Service: No messes left for you to clean up! Cleanup is included in each repiping job.
  • Punctuality is Our Guarantee: Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers are never late for repiping appointments. “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay.®” We PAY YOU $5.00 per each minute late up to $300.00.

For long lasting repiping services, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Cape May today at or request an appointment. We also provide repiping services for the cities of Pleasantville, Atlantic City and, surrounding areas

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